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Aberrant Learning

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Human progress is made, not by conformity, but by aberration.

Aberrant Learning

Knowledge is often mistaken for wisdom.

Developing wisdom requires a whole different approach than applies to most learning programs.

Aberrant Learning takes you to a place of effectiveness and action straight away.

Our programs are not an indulgence; they’re a necessary and super-actionable support for seeing new possibilities; a breath of fresh air!

About Us

Accelerated Wisdom

Aberrant Learning Coaches provide a safe space to think through ideas, emotions and constructive challenges.

While individual coaching supports personal mastery of leadership, Cohort CoachingTM facilitates shifts in organisational culture. With its deep exploration of real work experiences, the benefits are profound.

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Deliberately Developmental Programs

Aberrant Programs deliberately expand capability for shifting workplaces to being productive, focused and creative communities; places of effectiveness and action straight away.

They are motivational, instructive and immediately useful.

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Speaking Engagements

Aberrant’s audience-connecting multi-media keynotes provide insight and prompts to help you to think deeply.

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Resources & Research

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What Our Students Have To Say

“I’ve been looking for a community and here it is, right under my nose!”

  • Deakin Univerity

    This program has helped me frame my own self-development needs going forward. It has made me more resilient and helped me think differently about my leadership role. I deal differently with my direct reports and am a much more open as a leader. As a result, I am not just doing my job better, I am happier in my role and more confident about the impact that I make.



    Your experience and approach to coaching has been invaluable to our organisation by supporting our leaders as they enhance and embed behaviours and new ways of approaching management and leadership.

  • Louise Karch


    Desley is one of the few people in the world who has earned her doctorate in executive coaching and has been on the executive team of a global IT firm. Desley closes the knowing doing gap. Leaders become more ethical, effective and their teams become more engaged, aligned and prosperous. I have trained with her and seen her in action. She brings skill, deep strategic analysis and wisdom to her work.

Do you want the world to be a better place through the work that you do?